All the strong points

The OMEOTERM® panel has the following strengths:

  • Targeted heat: the heat flow is propagated by radiation, generating a targeted heat beam that heats bodies and surfaces directly but not the surrounding air.
  • Speed: heat transmission is almost instantaneous, as FIRs diffuse at the speed of light and take only about 90 seconds (at an ambient temperature of 20 °C) to reach the steady-state temperature, which tends to maintain its effect on the irradiated surfaces, with considerable thermal reactivity.
  • Unprecedented efficiency: close to 100%, because it occurs through the transformation of an energy vector, which is electricity, into another energy vector represented by the FIRs.
  • Comfort: the heat produced is uniform, comfortable, without the feeling of “heavy air” and humid that condenses on the floor and walls. Less humidity means less evaporation due to slow drying through convective motions (the latent heat of evaporation subtracts useful heat for litters).
  • The superficial temperature of the OMEOTERM® panel is clearly lower in comparison to the filament lamps, which present 180 °C (detected on the surface of the bulb), being only 80-90 °C, but the yield to the ground, at a distance of about 50 cm, is about 30 °C, clearly superior to the one reached with the traditional heating lamps, without however bothering or causing burns.
  • The OMEOTERM® radiant panels work at low temperature on a very wide localised surface, contrary to the lamps. The orthogonal heated surface of an OMEOTERM® panel is equal to the area of its radiant surface, increased by a dispersion factor of about 15°, which allows to obtain a thermal projection on the ground greater than the perimeter delimiting the area of the radiant panel: at 50 cm height, a panel of 30 cm x 30 cm heats a surface of 3136 cm² a surface of 572 cm² typical of a lampholder with a reflector of Ø 27 cm (+448 %). If the panel is 30 cm x 60 cm, the heated area is 4816 cm² vs 572 cm² (+742 %) and if the panel is 60 cm x 90 cm, the heated area is even, at 50-100 cm from the ground, 9576 cm² vs 572 cm² (+1574 %). This allows large litters to have more heated space to stretch out and thus enjoy greater comfort and well-being. Furthermore, if the nest is located close to a blind perimeter wall, the latter reflects the FIRs emitted by OMEOTERM® like a mirror. The bodies heated in this way, in turn, emit FIRs, thus further uniforming the temperature of the nest and of the litter.
  • The constituent materials of the panel have been realised and assembled in such a way that their functioning is very similar to that of an ideal radiant emission surface. To this end, the surface opposite the emitting surface is insulated with is insulated with Trocellen, a high performance multilayer reflective insulation, in order to redirect the amount of infrared produced by the rear of the radiating membrane correctly towards the emitting side.
  • The large, flat emitting surface allows the angular emissive behaviour to remain almost constant at every point of the surface. In fact the surface of emission OMEOTERM® behaves like a uniform and continuous series of orthogonal emissive points, increasing in this way the efficiency of irradiation.
  • OMEOTERM® panels are light, easy to install and suitable for all business situations.
  • The OMEOTERM® system presents easy access characteristics, because the panels can be easily supported thanks to the specific Panel Kit (optional), composed of hinged frames that allow vertical tilting at 90°, greatly facilitating access and operation inside the farrowing pen.
  • OMEOTERM® panels are easily disassembled and disposal is quick and economical. They are made of 100% recyclable materials.
  • Very low risk of fire.
  • The longevity of OMEOTERM® panels is significantly longer than that of normally used light emitting infrared heat lamp. If installed correctly and used correctly, the OMEOTERM® panel will last for several years beyond the guarantee period, compared with a maximum of 5000 hours (declared by the manufacturer) for heating lamps.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its flat and seamless surfaces.
  • No maintenance beyond regular cleaning is required to keep the system efficient.
  • No loss of thermal efficiency over time as with incandescent lamps. Remember that the mere presence of dirt on the surface of the glass bulbs can reduce the heating capacity of filament lamps by up to 5 °C.
  • OMEOTERM® panels are splashwater resistant.
  • Technology and construction 100% made in Italy.