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power cables

The OMEOTERM® panels

The OMEOTERM® panels consist of a light but solid shell in multi-cell polycarbonate, inside which the innovative technology E-Heating has been installed. This technology uses REAL FIRs (Far Infrared Rays), a form of heat and energy transmission by means of beneficial electromagnetic waves which radiate directly onto living bodies. The OMEOTERM® panels do not generate electromagnetic fields and are much more efficient than filament lamps and heat mats, because they are able to warm up living bodies in depth (up to 3 cm), promoting the vasodilation of  the circulatory system.

  • Compared to heating lamps, the OMEOTERM® panels are more efficient, because although the temperature of the panel’s radiant surface is around 90 °C as opposed to the 180 °C of the filament lamps (100 W), they are able to transmit more heat thanks to the E-Heating technology.
  • As opposed to the thermal water mats, the efficiency is much higher since there is no energy loss, which is what happens during the combustion process of the boiler. In addition, there is also no heat transmission loss because water does not have to travel from the boiler to the heating mat and along the coils within the thermal mat.
  • Also in comparison to the electrical heating mats there is considerable benefit in terms of energy saving, since there is no need to heat up the material in fibreglass or in polymer resins that contain the electrical resistance.

Aimed heat

The heat coming from the OMEOTERM® panels requires less absorbed power, allowing greater energy saving, maximum longevity along with flexibility of use and instalment.

One of the main strong points of the OMEOTERM® panels is represented by the elevated directionality of heat that comes from the panel’s radiant surface, without any energy loss on the back. The non-heating side is in fact isolated with a vey high-performing reflecting isolating multilayer, consisting of aluminium and Trocellen (an insulator used for advanced applications in the automotive and aerospace field), with the purpose of correctly redirecting the FIRs towards the side of emission. This aspect is very important because contrary to the traditional heating systems like heating lamps, electrical and water thermal mats commonly used in pig farms’ farrowing units, it allows a number of things that otherwise would not be possible. Such as:

  1. in the farrowing unit there is no heat loss because there is no need to heat up the whole environment and consequently it does not have to be ventilated above all during the hot season, which allows greater energy saving;
  2. the heat can be aimed towards the piglets where it is needed the most while preserving at the same time the thermal comfort zone of the sow, which is around 18-20 °C. This is important above all in the first 24 hours after the birth because the piglets try to be in contact with the sow’s udders as much as possible in order to stay warm and to be fed, and by using a non-directional heat source like lamps, there is always the risk of giving the sow an excessive amount of heat.

The thermal radiation is highly directional and there is the possibility to automatically manage the various temperatures of ideal comfort for the piglets with the BIOTEMP SYSTEM, which avoids the negative compromises in terms of temperature that occur in the farrowing  unit.