Made to last

OMEOTERM® panels come with a 2-year warranty, but their durability is much higher: if installed properly and used correctly, they will outlast their useful life.

The OMEOTERM® panel has in fact been conceived for a context in which it must not suffer malfunctions and in which it must not know wear and tear or programmed obsolescence even in the very long term. For this reason it has been designed and manufactured with constructional and quality criteria so that, reasonably, it works practically all the time (exceptional cases excluded).

The accuracy of construction and assembly means that OMEOTERM® panels also have effective protection against mice:

  1. moisture-resistant junction box;
  2. material that is difficult to erode.

OMEOTERM® panels are also not subject to corrosion by gases such as ammonia, because there are no exposed metal parts (unlike the tin-plated bronze connectors of common heating lamps) and the connections inside are protected by a watertight chamber.