Energy Saving System

Heating with the OMEOTERM® ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM virtuous cycle enables tangible energy savings.

OMEOTERM® ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM is the result of an innovative scientific and technological approach, which can be summed up in the following steps:

1st STEP: E-Heating 

E-Heating is the direct conversion of electrical energy into a circumscribed heat flow.

Advantage: very fast attainment of the desired set point temperature.

2nd STEP: Thermal Reactivity  – REAL FIR

OMEOTERM® panels emit heat by generating a thermal flow in which the component represented by REAL FIR radiation prevails.

Advantage: the heat reaches the body directly without losses due to the heating of the interposed air (as is usually the case with convective heating). The advantage is that the heat reaches the body directly without losses due to heating of the interposed air (as is usually the case with convective heating).


The OMEOTERM® panels can be connected to the BIOTEMP SYSTEM control unit, which uses sophisticated algorithms that make it possible to manage a particular heating curve capable of achieving the Vital Heat Cycle, in order to fully satisfy the thermal needs of piglets, varying the power absorbed thanks to a Duty Cycle that modulates it within an extremely wide working range, from 0 to 100%. This is a big step forward compared to more traditional systems, which typically operate at less than 50% of rated power.


  1. energy saving;
  2. improved well-being.

4th STEP: Simultaneity Factor IO (INTELLIGENT OMEOTERM®) control unit

In order to minimise the peaks in the electrical energy absorbed, it is of fundamental importance to be able to manage the Simultaneity Factor, i.e. to prevent the OMEOTERM® panels from reaching their operating temperature all at the same time, by means of two fundamental elements: the first is the application of the proprietary Duty Cycle owner described above, the second one is the possibility of managing load rotation. For this purpose, the IO (INTELLIGENT OMEOTERM®) Control Unit has been specially developed.

Thanks to the application of the logic implemented in the IO (INTELLIGENT OMEOTERM®) Control Unit, the loads connected to and managed by the various BIOTEMP® SYSTEM control units are distributed appropriately, thus allowing to:

  1. effectively reduce the current peaks used;
  2. decrease energy consumption at steady state.


  1. reduction of the electrical power used and the sizing of the electrical system;
  2. reduction of consumption by up to 50%(*) compared to what is required for the Vital Heat Cycle.

(*) Even greater reductions can be obtained in the intermediate seasons.

The OMEOTERM® technical service is available to define the best applicable solution, case by case.