E-Heating: Omeoterm®’s technology

E-Heating is a form of heat and energy transmission by means of beneficial FIR electromagnetic waves. It is important to highlight that FIRs are not harmful in any way, since they are non-ionising and naturally originate from the sun, which makes them beneficial and revitalising.

E-Heating directly transforms electric energy into thermal energy and is characterised by three main aspects:

  1. Incredible high thermal efficiency.
  2. Documented effectiveness on the organism.
  3. Operational economy.

Three fundamental advantages together with long lasting durability.

E-Heating technology is used in the OMEOTERM® REAL FIR thermal panels.

The OMEOTERM® thermal panels transmit heat and vitality by means of a new and exclusive heating system with REAL FIRs (Far Infrared Rays) or IR-C (type C Infrared Rays).