Vital heat

When FIRs penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, cell vibration increases, bringing it to an optimal level and creating internal heat that is evenly distributed through the circulation and microcirculation of body fluids (Shi-Yau Yu,  Jen-Hwey Chiu, Shiaw-Der Yang, Yu-Chen Hsu, Wing-Yiu Lui, Chew-Wun Wu: “Biological effect of far-infrared therapy on increasing skin microcirculation in rats”. Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed 2006; 22: 78-86).

The vital energy provided by the FIRs emitted by OMEOTERM® practically generates movement in the molecules of the irradiated body, which begin to oscillate. The energy continues to be absorbed by the same molecules of the body until the oscillations induced by the FIRs reach the frequency of maximum vital awakening, specific to each cellular district involved: in practice, a real revitalisation takes place, also favoured by an improved circulation of the body fluids.

For this reason, the heat produced is more uniform, more comfortable and the resulting state of wellbeing lasts longer.

Radiant heating is the most natural form of heating: it is the way our planet receives heat from the sun.