Economical heat

FIRs travel at the speed of light and have the prerogative of not heating the air. This saves a lot of energy, because there is no loss of energy efficiency dissipated in the double passage between the heating element and the air and between the heated air and living objects and/or organisms, as happens in traditional heating. FIRs can be generated from different technologies, compared to the unique and proprietary REAL FIRs emitted by OMEOTERM® panels, but not all of them have the same efficiency and versatility to be easily and effectively used in livestock farming.

OMEOTERM® panels generate an unrivalled amount of FIRs for the same electrical power input! This increases their versatility, cost-effectiveness and yield in livestock applications. In addition, the OMEOTERM® FIR heating system does not need any additional pipes, boilers or electrical installations, but is installed with easy, practical and economical installation solutions.

The simultaneous use of OMEOTERM® panels and the automated BIOTEMP SYSTEM also provides a further economic benefit, as operation is controlled and managed by an electronic control unit that can be programmed as required according to the needs and temperatures requested by the piglets in relation to their growth status.

In practice, the OMEOTERM® system complete with BIOTEMP SYSTEM control unit, thanks to its high thermal reactivity and excellent operating flexibility allowed by a Duty Cycle that goes from 0 to 100%, makes it possible to use the OMEOTERM® panels exploiting their potential to the full, faithfully respecting the set temperature curves, without the waste of unnecessary switch-on: a great energy saving and a significant economic benefit, maximising wellbeing and zootechnical performance.

In addition, thanks to the application of the logic implemented in the intelligent IO (INTELLIGENT OMEOTERM®) control unit, the 4th STEP of the OMEOTERM® ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM, the loads connected to and managed by the various BIOTEMP SYSTEM control units are suitably distributed, thus allowing:

  1. effectively reduce the current peaks used;
  2. reduce energy consumption during operation.